At Floor 5, we offer both Flambient and HDR photography.
Flambient is the combination of flash lighting and ambient lighting. While this technique is more advanced and requires approximately 10%-15% more time on-site, the method eliminates colour casts and achieves true colours, balanced lighting, and proper exposure for windows. Flambient produces the cleanest, sharpest, and most accurate interior real estate photographs.
HDR relies solely on ambient light. Consequentially, it is prone to colour casts that can be improved in post-production, but the colours and sharpness will not be of the same quality as a Flambient photograph. The method does require slightly less time on-site.
Either package includes up to 50 photos, interior and exterior coverage, and the surrounding area (within 250m). 
Our Standard Licensing Agreement applies to both methods.
Best for all types of properties
Produces higher quality photographs
Requires slightly more time on-site
Best for properties with tenants
Produces high quality results
Requires slightly less time on-site
Please note that the square footage corresponds to the Aire d'étages of the most recent Property Assessment Roll 
Commercial and Industrial Projects
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