At Floor 5, whether you prefer Flambient or HDR photography, our photographers have the skills and the knowledge required to edit your images to industry standards. The Floor 5 advantage is that every single image is edited in house and they are edited by the same professional photographer that was on-site who is provided the time to ensure that your images look their best. Your images will never be sent to an off-shore editor.
HDR Editing is always included. These edits are powered by Adobe AI and our custom Floor 5 presets which allow us to be extremely efficient in our delivery. Once the AI edit is completed, you will benefit from the Floor 5 process and our enhanced capability that produces a more advanced and complete result . 
Flambient Editing now included. These edits do take longer and will affect the delivery timeline. However, the final results are incomparable. Every image is blended by hand and the photographer has full control over every little detail in the image. After all colour compositing, masking, and window pulls are complete, we finish every image with our own special sauce to make sure every image pops.
Flambient Editing
Up to 50 photos included
Delivery by end of following day
Approximately 10 minutes per photograph
Custom edited from start to finish by your photographer
Hand blended
Composited and masked by your photographer
Window pulls
Pinpoint colours​​​​​​​
Includes Floor 5 Standard Licensing Agreement
HDR Editing
Up to 50 photos included
Same-day delivery
Approximately 2 minutes per photograph
Floor 5 Adobe preset editing, finished by your photographer
Adobe HDR blended 
No compositing or masking
General exposure, highlight, shadow, and contrast adjustments
General white balance correction
Includes Floor 5 Standard Licensing Agreement